Dana was a sophomore in high school when  she sang in her first band. It’s been since the mid-80’s that she was singing top 40 tunes in clubs throughout northern California. In the late 80’s she would be found collaborating in an all original project in Marin county. After all these years -- She's here to tell ya that this BITCH IS BACK! 



Mike Elwood

After attending the a UFO concert in 1978, the die was forever cast. Formerly a guitarist in  80's metal band Havoc, he went on to form successful bands in Sacramento and Hawaii. Wielding his axe with the zeal of a Pagan warlord, Mike is the band smokemeister whipping up sizzle and smokey goodness from vintage tonewood and hot tubes.    His influences are many. Frank Zappa to Frank Sinatra. 




Barry Warsaw "BBQ Warlix"

Betelgeuse Bartholomew Quigley Warner-Felix had his name legally changed to BBQ  Warlix following the 1975 “Incident at the Fillmont”.  Details are sketchy but  what is clear is that neither side of the law was amused. 

The following  decades were spent in a monastery for vibrationless string players.  BBQ Warlix  is fond of recounting the relentless practice sessions; he even spent an entire  year just resting his thumb on the E string.  Enlightenment came on the day he  accidentally picked up an AM station from Jersey City in the metal plate in his  head, and for the first time since the incident heard the bass line in Jungle  Boogie.  He quickly packed up all three of his worldly possessions, asked if he  could borrow the head monk’s P-bass, strap, and cable since he had none of his  own, and set out into the world of music, not realizing the chasm of change that  had gone on since his exile.

Fearing the authorities might still be after  him, he underwent extensive plastic surgery, with the most prominent feature  being the implantation of hundreds of cybernetic nanofeelers into his chin,  disguised as a ZZ Top-ish beard.  This nanotech allows BBQ to instantly access  the entire oeuvre of bass riffs throughout history, from his cloud-based  archive.

During his hermetic life, BBQ was disallowed from playing any  music in 4/4.  Instead, through mental training, martial artistry, sensory  deprivation, and chemical “enhancement” he learned to have his heart beat to  every odd time from 5/4 to 61/11.  Post-enlightenment, he learned how to  subdivide these polyrhythms into straight beats, two-steps, shuffles, and gonzo  metal 32nd note pedals.  These all serve him well in his current musical  endeavors.


DanO "Danny Joe Travis"


Dan has been a passionate music lover since a very young age. Influenced by a musical mother and father and multiple musical genres (especially pop on AM radio and 45’s on the phonograph in the late 60’s). Later, at the age of fifteen after hearing the Outlaws Green Grass and High Tides Dan made crucial decision to learn to play lead electric guitar. Being left-handed made it difficult for Dan to find decent left-handed guitars, so Dan forced himself to learn to play right-handed (the same as Joe Perry of Aerosmith). Dan has continued to play and sing in various bands over the years mainly in the classic rock category. In 2000 Dan released a CD of all original pop rock music with the band Ian Travis. Currently Dan is the other punch to the Smokehouse guitar soundscape backing Dana Thalman. Dan strongly believes in the power of music and will continue to play as long as possible!

“There is a desire in me to express something – to match what I hear in my head” – Eric Clapton




Steve Pape "SONNY WALTER Jr."


Feelin' the Blues... Oozing the Blues. Just don't get none on yer shoes.  

Sonny Walter Jr. is a multi- generational bluesman who can accurately trace his blues lineage clear back to ancient Roman times.   


David "Coonskin" Nelson

David Nelson comes to us from the great northwest, where he served as a professional percussionist and part time coon trapper. His love for the Bay Area saw him return to join Smokehouse for many musical adventures. He brings his hammering skills, a quick wit and sense of humor, as well a a massive coonskin fedora collection.