Dana Thalmann

Dana was a sophomore in high school when  she sang in her first band. It’s been since the mid-80’s that she was singing top 40 tunes in clubs throughout northern California. In the late 80’s she would be found collaborating in an all original project in Marin county. It is such a pleasure to be back on stage and singing again. I have been out of  the industry for just over 25 years ~ I raised the three children and I’m damn  proud of it. I would crank up rock ‘n’ roll, country music, folk tunes and  Contemporary Christian music while pushing my vacuum or driving my babies  around. Now I’m pushing my passion for singing while driving melodies with my  incredible band family. Singing is my souls’ food.  



Mike Elwood

After attending the a UFO concert in 1978, the die was forever cast. Formerly a guitarist in  80's metal band Havoc, he went on to form successful bands in Sacramento and Hawaii. Wielding his axe with the zeal of a Pagan warlord, Mike is the band smokemeister whipping up sizzle and smokey goodness from vintage tonewood and hot tubes.    His influences are many. Frank Zappa to Frank Sinatra. 




Barry Warsaw

Barry has been playing bass for over 40 years, both electric and upright.  Before his recent move to California, he was a long-time member of two popular east coast bands, Cravin’ Dogs and The U-Liners.  Highlights of this time included backing up Pete Seeger at the Birchmere, backing up Tom Morello and Boots Reilly at Jammin’ Java, and numerous gigs with John Kadlecik on annual tributes to Jerry Garcia.  Barry has also played with other well-known east coast acts such as Billy Coulter, the Oxymorons, Nancy Dougherty, Woven Green, Arc of Ones, and Treading Lemmings.  He’s been an active studio musician too, providing bass on recordings from singer-songwriters as diverse as Jay Britton, Mary Shaver, Ann Blair, David Alberding, Jeff Jacobson, Mark Miller, Freddy McConnell, and Venus Rising.  In 2017, Barry released an album called "Shade and Light” (available on Soundcloud) as part of the 2017 RPM Challenge.  Barry continues to write and record in his home studio, is active in the Bay Area jam community, and loves playing with Smokehouse.


Dan O


Dan has been a passionate music lover since a very young age.  Influenced by a  musical mother and father and multiple musical genres (especially pop on AM  radio and 45’s on the phonograph in the late 60’s).   Later, at the age of  fifteen after hearing the Outlaws Green Grass and High Tides Dan made crucial  decision to learn to play lead electric guitar.  Being left-handed made it  difficult for Dan to find decent left-handed guitars, so Dan forced himself to  learn to play right-handed (the same as Joe Perry of Aerosmith).  Dan has  continued to play and sing in various bands over the years mainly in the classic  rock category.  In 2000 Dan released a CD of all original pop rock music with  the band Ian Travis.  Currently Dan is working to provide a one two punch to the Smokehouse guitar soundscape  backing Dana Thalmann.  Dan strongly believes in the power of music and will  continue to play as long as possible!




Steve Pape


Instruments: Harmonica, Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion and Vocals.

A SmokeHouse Band member since it's formation in November of 2017, Steve grew up In Cupertino, CA.
Music has always been a part of his family, his friendships, and his life. He picked up his first instrument, a harmonica, at the age of 4 when his Father left  one unattended.  It wasn't long before he had his own Harmonica. Steve, his father and Grandfather played musical instruments. A telephone line repairman, his Grandfather could play a piano like Liberace, but never had a lesson! So its  only natural that he would be a part of SmokeHouse because we are like a  Band-Family, and the high energy and "chemistry" that this Band has with each  other can be seen, felt, and heard in live performances.



Johnny Be

Johnny brings the heat to the Smokehouse family! 1000% personality and down home cooking.